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Founder of the Recruiter Rewire & Certified Executive Coach


Henna Pryor, President and Founder of Pryority Group, is a 14 year top-performing recruiter turned ICF-Certified Executive Coach and Recruitment Growth Strategist. Her most fervent belief is that recruiting can – and should – be fun, and that you can be a #1 producer and not lose your sanity at the same time.


She has won multiple big, fancy awards for her work and has been featured in really important and cool publications like Forbes, Monster, Glassdoor, Real Simple, Fast Company, and many more. 


She’s spent the last year coaching and training recruiters and recruitment leaders (from firms ranging from small to Fortune 50) to recession-proof their businesses and power through plateaus in order to protect (and increase) revenues. 


When not helping recruiters get out of their own way, Henna enjoys traveling the world with her husband and 2 school-aged kids, testing the next great restaurant in the Philly/DE metro area, going to see live music, working out, being the social-event planner amongst her group of friends, and hunting down a good piece of chocolate at any hour of the day. (It’s never too early for a Ghirardelli dark square.) 


New hobbies for 2020 include pulling out her hair while trying to work and homeschool her children simultaneously, and stress-eating Ben & Jerry’s while reading the news about COVID-19. 


Learn more about Henna at www.pryoritygroup.com, and say hi while you’re at it.

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