Recruiters, it's time to retrain your brain.

Stop exhausting yourself with messages and dials that don’t convert to dollars.

“Just keep making dials and sending emails, it’s a numbers game,” they say. “You’ll be successful that way.”


Instead, you are met with:

All top recruiters have an arsenal of secret weapons in their back pockets…

… and after years of overanalyzing and guessing what they were, I almost gave up on trying to figure it out.

Until it became crystal clear. I organized the information, trained other ambitious recruiters on it, and their revenue went SKY HIGH as a result. 

You know how much time and energy it takes to close a deal.

Stop spending it on outdated techniques that don’t give you the greatest return on your investment.

You can’t afford to lose one more deal that could have been cash in your pocket.

I’m Henna, and I’d love to tell you more.

Sending follow-up messages and getting crickets?  

It’s not them. It’s YOU.

Learn the secrets to writing outrageously effective emails that get a replyevery single time.